Stop and pray

This is a worrying time. Whether you have concerns for your health, that of a loved one or for your livelihood. It can make us feel very much on our own.

Stop and Pray

The churches in Ambleside are asking everyone who is able to offer up a prayer at 9.15am each morning. If prayer is not your thing – a few moments of reflection - but the idea is that all who can, at the same time, stop for a couple of minutes together and reach out of ourselves to each other. We may not be able to meet physically but we can join our thoughts and prayers together so nobody should feel that they are alone.

A prayer you might like to use is this:

Dear Lord and Heavenly Father,
Bless the homes and businesses of this Parish.
Take away our fear and help us to trust you.
Grant us courage when things are scary, unsettled or lonely.
Support us with your love and give us the compassion to strengthen others.
Be with us at this time and bring us to your joy again.
In the name of Jesus Christ who died and destroyed the power of death when he rose that we might live forever. Amen.


If you can manage 15mins each day and have access to the internet, click here

Here are some prayers and services that you might want to use at home.