The Ordination of Rev. Jane Natrass

On Tuesday 29th June Rev. Jane Natrass was ordained priest at St. Mary’s Church Ambleside.

It was all socially distanced event but as St. Mary’s can sit 120 people socially distance there was no need to limit attendance.

The presence of a small group of the Mission Community Choir to lead the singing under the directorship of Mrs. Judith Dixon made it feel so much more like ‘normal’. As did the strong lead from the organ that was played by Mrs Ross Gill.

These big services take a lot of work but there was a group of faithful church members who manned the sound desk, amplification, track and trace, looked after guests and welcomed everyone -  a wonderful contribution to the event. It was terrific to see representatives of all the Loughrigg Churches.

The Bishop of Carlisle, Rt Rev James Newcome, ordained Jane and Rev. John Dixon and Rev. Beverley Lock were the representative clergy who laid hands on Jane’s head as a sign of God’s blessing. The Archdeacon Venerable Vernon Ross and Canon Nick Hallam presented Jane as having been selected and trained to a good standard to fulfil the roles of priest.

It was very much a celebration of the ministry of all God’s people in the Mission Community. There was a lovely cross section of accounts from across the area of lay people and clergy working together to reach out to the community. Eco church was represented by Mrs Joyce Hallam, The Parish Centre by Dr Rob Ashworth and Mrs Sophie Bryde, Monday Meet up by Mrs Judith Shingler and Network Youth Church by Mr Chris Mason. Mrs Judith Dixon gave account of the wonderful Pilgrimage Project that the Mission Community has been involved in providing walks that linked the different churches across the Mission Community. This was for local and visiting friends to join in with and has brought people from across the area together.

All in all it was a lovely service and everyone was very happy that Jane had responded to God’s call on her life. We look forward to her continuing ministry amongst us.

The event was live streamed and can be viewed below.

A Special Prayer for Ordinands
Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer God,
who you call your faithful people into a life of service,
help us to nurture and hold in love
all those who are ordained at this time in the life of your Church.
Teach us your ways, 
that we might recognise your Mission in the world,
your compassion in caring for others, 
and your love deep within every human heart.
We ask this in your Holy Name, 
as one undivided Trinity of love,
now and for evermore. Amen

The livestreamed service will be available on YouTube here.