To Be a Pilgrim

On Saturday 31st July 2021, four of us set off on Walk Number 9 of the Pilgrimage Project. Satterthwaite to Sawrey, described as one of the longest and most challenging of the walks linking churches of the Mission Community.

The weather wasn’t promising but the fact that it was cooler than it had been recently was a relief. Three of the four were seasoned walkers but were very good at waiting for me to catch up, being the most senior member of the group.

The walk is well documented on the web-site so there is no point in repeating the route here. Suffice it to say that it was a most enlightening and uplifting experience.

We walked together, breaking into subgroups  so naturally and frequently that everyone spent time with each of the others in a completely unforced and easy way. Sometimes we talked, sometimes we didn’t. We stopped at the appointed places for meditation and then continued, thoughtfully, on our Pilgrimage. We watched ospreys soarin g above us - they were probably watching that we didn’t get too close to their chicks, whom we could hear close by.

We ate wild raspberries, wild champagne gooseberries  and cake. Well – the route takes you past the excellent café at Esthwaite Water so what were we to do?!

Arriving back in Ambleside, I leapt out of the car to collect my old dog, who couldn’t manage the walk, and found that my legs had seized up! No matter – it was a great day and I am looking forward to ticking off all the walks in the  Project. It is now my avowed intent to be a Pilgrim!


Judith Shingler