News from the Parish Centre

Good Morning folks,

If (like me!) you are finding this dark, wet, gloomy weather IS NOT HELPING, please find enclosed some free things you can do from your armchair.

Except the last one, which although is free, is possibly not best done from your armchair!  Still fun though, YES. Even in November when appropriately undressed.

1) Dignity in Dementia, for anyone with memory changes or who looks after another who has. Info enclosed on "Cultivating Memories" and "Gardening Club".FREE STUFF!

2) Quarantine Choir. You Tube. A fun activity where you get to sing.with over 2000 others. What is not to like about that?

3) Ursula Brendling, Gentle Exercise Class via Zoom. Fridays, at 11:00am for 40 mins.Ursula will help you set up Zoom, so you can enjoy some gentle movement, safe from your own home. Contact [email protected]. In Partnership with Age UK.

4) Bereavement Support Group. Ambleside Parish Centre. Currently exempt from Lockdown Restrictions. A chance to meet up with others who are experiencing Loss of any kind. Meet on Thursdays at the Parish Centre, between 2.30 and 4pm. Masks to be worn and Social Distancing observed.

5) Open Water Swimming. Free and fun activity for anyone. Just find some water, and step in slowly! OK, there is a little bit more to it than that. But not much! Check the weather. It's too cold for me if the air temp is under 9 Degrees, and don't do it if you can see white waves. Too much goes up your nose and some of it is green! Take a tow float. They allow other users of the water to see you. You can still wear a swimming costume, although I am now in my wetsuit. Wonderful things wetsuits. They work like a big armband and make it nearly impossible to drown. Let someone know where and when you are going, and even better, get that person to come with you with a thermos, a towel and dry clothes. Once back home a warm shower is fine, but don't think a hot bath will warm you up quicker because it won't. You will spend the rest of the day feeling chilly. Just have a hot drink instead, and save your bath until bedtime. Where it belongs!

Finally, an update on the Hot Food Offer from Ambleside Parish Centre. More funding has been obtained, so we have been able to reduce the price to £4, or less if you are struggling financially. Details enclosed.

Keep well!

Best wishes,

Juliet Cunningham

Ambleside Parish Centre.