Zoom services - a reflection

I am reminded of the story of the man who had difficulty finding his destination and he eventually asked a stranger for help. The stranger considered his question and then said,       “If I were you I wouldn't start from here!”

I think that is how many of us feel about our present situation regarding meeting together as church. We would rather not be placed in this situation. St. Mary’s along with other churches have been closed for public worship since March. During this time we have been grateful for technology that has enabled us to meet together 'virtually'.

We have been meeting together using Zoom for Sunday morning service as well as our Wednesday Evening Church group. This new form of meeting was well received after we found our way through all the settings and adjustments needed to make it work smoothly. 

We are fortunate that we can do this. Had this virus afflicted us just a few years ago, this form of meeting would not be possible. Using Zoom we can see each other face to face from the comfort of our own houses and in a relaxed way, some of us with a cup of tea in hand. Quite a different experience to sitting in rows in church. 

Now we are able to meet together in the church building, but with some significant changes: no singing, wearing masks, and following one way systems so as not to socialise together!

So I feel I am like the man asking for direction and hearing that we shouldn't start from here. Now that both forms of 'meeting' are possible we can make our choice, but I am left thinking that 'things aren't like they used to be', but grateful for what we have.