Christingle 2022 - 24th Dec 5:30pm

It’s Christmas Eve - it’s dark out-side, the church is packed with families, the atmosphere is alive with excitement. The children stand with their lighted candles, the music starts and the church lights are dimmed. In the candlelight the children’s voices fill the air as they celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest gift of all.

The Light of the world is come.


St. Mary’s Church, Ambleside will be holding its Christingle service at

5.30pm on Christmas Eve.


Introduced by the Children’s Society  over fifty years ago, Christingle Services have raised money to help vulnerable young people all over the United Kingdom.

Over a million children nationwide will be taking part in candlelit Christingle services this year. Please come and join in this wonderful occasion at Ambleside - but arrive in plenty of time - it’s always a full house!