A range of different courses are run each year. Keep an eye out for any that might interest you.

  • Prayer course

    A weekly course exploring different aspects of prayer starting on 15th April 2020.

    The next meeting is on 13th May and the topic is 'Unanswered Prayer'.

    Before the virus outbreak our Wednesday night group was going to meet in church and go through the Prayer Course run by Pete Grieg. Obviously this cannot now happen in church, however the videos are available on-line free of charge. So the plan is we watch the video independently and then meet on-line to discuss the questions they pose.
    So our first on-line meeting will be at 7.30 on Wednesday 15th April (the Wednesday after Easter). Meanwhile please copy and paste this URL into your search engine:
    It will take you to the video of the sessions.

    In your own time please watch the 1st video and we will discuss it on Wednesday evening.
    I will send the Zoom link separately in another email. If you do not wish to be included in the zoom discussion please email me and I will not include you in the invite.

    The questions we will be discussing are:-
    Q. What did you find most helpful or most challenging in the video?
    Q. What do you find difficult about prayer? What do you find easy? Why do you think prayer can often feel hard?
    Pete says the best piece of advice is to “Keep it simple, keep it real and keep it up.”
    Keep it simple: “your prayer life is at its best at its simplest”
    Q. What do you mostly talk to God about?
    Keep it real: “Don’t role-play before God”
    Q. Do you feel like you have to act a certain way before God when you pray? Why or why not?
    Keep it up: “Don’t give up praying too soon”
    Q. Do you find it challenging to persevere in prayer? How can we be encouraged to keep going?

    Below are the titles of the 8 week series.

    The Sessions
    The Prayer Course is split into eight sessions:
    1 - Why Pray?
    2 - Adoration
    3 - Petition
    4 - Intercession
    5 - Unanswered Prayer
    6 - Contemplation
    7 - Listening
    8 - Spiritual Warfare

  • The Bible in Art

    The Bible in Art via Zoom continues on Monday 18th May at 7pm. To receive the information required to join, please contact John Dixon on [email protected]

    Each Bible session looks at a single painting. No knowledge of art or the Bible is required.
    Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested.